API Web Services Data Extraction for Online application

The API allows users to extract Recipe data and import it into other applications like POS, ERPs, and others.  The Document provides details for given endpoints offered under this current API version and their general use within required parameters.  API feature offers RESTful interface to interact with several features of the Nutritionist Pro™ NexGen online application.  

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Practical Use of the API

  • Axxya Systems is proud to offer our users of Nutritionist Pro™ NexGen an ability to extract data from the nutrient analysis application, and export or send the data over to other 3rd party tools like – consumer apps, websites, POS, ERPs and other applications.  
  • The Recipe data is extracted from our main Nutritionist Pro™ NexGen online application.  Create unlimited recipes and once the recipe is complete organize them in our easy to use Books and extract as needed.
  • Extract many or few nutrients and recipe data using the data parameters shown below.
  • Select various date ranges to pick only the recipes that are modified or created within a certain time period.
Common Ways the extracted data can be used
  • Push nutrient information for the recipes to your website.
  • Create nutrition calculator tools on your website so your visitors can know how many calories are in the meal they are planning to consume.  For example, what happens when they pick just a Burger and Salad instead of Burger and Fries.  The API tool allows you to extract the data and then push it to your server, where your website tool will then allow your user to select and build their own meal.
  • If you have an ERP system, POS vendor or other applications you work with, we can push your recipe data to any of these applications. 
  • Make your work more efficient and manage your team’s resources with this fast and easy to use setup. 

Our API Web Services feature allows users to extract Recipe/Formulas data via Restful API setup.  

Makes it easier to work with other 3rd party applications such as POS, ERPs, website nutrition tools, consumer apps and more. 

Companies looking to extract data and send to other 3rd party applications, consumer websites and more.  

API Keys will be provided after purchase and these keys will enable your account to setup the API parameters.  For additional details contact our team at sales@axxya.com or 1-800-709-2799.