Nutritionist Pro™ Diet Analysis Software .

Used by Nutrition Professionals in healthcare, food services, education and research settings. 

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Diet Analysis Software Serving the Nutrition Industry since the 1980's
Used by Nutrition Professionals in healthcare, food services, education and research settings. 

  • Volume discount offered
  • Special Pricing available for Academic use
  • Student discounts offered 
  • Your Choice of Network server-client setup or Desktop/Laptop(Standalone) Versions.  Please make sure and select the setup that works for you and your team.  
  • For the Software, we offer a renewal option.  The initial purchase of the Software comes with 2 updates and support for 12 months.  After that you have an option to renew your account for $300 to continue to receive software updates and support.
See Below for Video Library, Sample Reports and More 
How to use this module for your Research Study 

Sample reports from the Diet Analysis Module 

See how Nutritionist Pro™ can help in your daily work life
Our Video Library also showcases these features for this module 

Great Features for Client/Patient Nutrient Assessment

  1. Main Client Screen: Create nutrient goals using the latest DRI goals, or set your own personal goals for your clients. Adjust diets, monitor exercise, weight logs and more for unlimited clients.
  2. Monitor nutrient intake: See how your client is eating using diet recalls or FFQ, provide menus and use our robust reports for nutrition education. Some reports available in Spanish.
  3. Set Exercise and weight goals, track visit notes:  Keep track of your clients using our easy to access charts, reports and more. 
Great features for Research Study
  1. Plan your research study for unlimited participants:  Use the client or client group feature and track nutrient data for unlimited research participants.
  2. Use the Data Extraction Tool and analyze your study results: Provide the study results to your statistician, manage a large group of participants easily.  Track one or more nutrients of interest.  Rely on robust data using latest data sources.
  3. Talk to our team before your study starts so we can help you with the setups:  There are many different ways to setup your data, talk to our team and we can help guide you as you begin your dietary intake process.   
  4. This web training shows great features on how to use it in a research setting. 
Menu Creation features
  1. Analyze a facility menu:  Plan and see nutrient breakdown of menu by day or meal.
  2. Use the Menu Wizard:  For faster menu creation use the menu wizard and make cycle monthly or weekly menus in minutes.
  3. Compare against goals:  Use built in latest nutrient goals and compare against a menu.
Recipe Analysis features
  1. Analyze unlimited recipes:  Create recipes for your facility, clients, and more.
  2. Modify recipes: Adjust or modify recipes to meet your nutrient goals.
  3. Nutrient values for recipes: See nutrient breakdown of your recipe by portion or the whole recipe.  
  4. Adjust and scale recipes as needed. 

Nutritionist Pro™ will make your life easier use the Diet Analysis module for--

  1. Creating Diets, 24 hr recall, FFQ and more for nutrient intake.
  2. Monitoring exercise and assign nutrient goals for patients/clients.
  3. Building recipes.
  4. Creating Menus and compare menus against goals.
  5. Many reports. 
  6. and more. 

Great for -- 

  • Dietitians, 
  • health/fitness professionals, 
  • Hospitals (inpatient and outpatient), 
  • Government agencies, (nutrition programs, office of aging, WIC, meals on wheels, etc); 
  • Universities, Researchers, Students 
  • and more 

2 types of Installation offered for our Software

  1. Standalone Version installed on a single machine both database and application are on the same machine.  See details on requirements here
  2. Network Version installed on multiple machines including a server that holds the central database and all the client workstations connect to that central database server.  See details on requirements here.
  3. The Software is PC compatible.  To Run on a MAC, more steps needed.  See details here.